10 Kitchen Design Solutions You Didn’t Know Existed

Designing your new kitchen, there are lots of different things to take into consideration and lots of choices that you need to make.

Choosing cabinet door styles and colours, benchtop finishes and appliances are all very important factors, as is the layout and functionality of the space. But it’s important to put a lot of thought into the smaller details too – some of which you might not have even thought about before.

How are you going to access items in your corner cupboards or items at the back of the shelves in your pantry? What if you have a small kitchen and need to incorporate appliances like your washing machine, but don’t want to have it on show?

This list of 10 new kitchen design solutions might just be what you need to put the perfect finishing touches to your new kitchen design.

Internal drawers

Having lots of pantry space is very important for most families – the more space, the better. But usually the bigger the pantry, the more stuff you will put in it. Accessing items on deep pantry shelves can be tricky, and can sometimes mean that you forget about food items you have bought – resulting in lots of throwaway from expired use-by dates.

One of the best solutions for creating a more user-friendly pantry is using internal pull-out drawers instead of shelves. By using pull-out drawers, you can easily access items stored at the very back, and it saves you from bending down and trying to reach into an awkward space. Look for drawer runners that have a high weight carrying capacity so you can really load them up without having to worry about them breaking.

Appliance cabinet

The kettle, toaster and maybe coffee machine are the most commonly used small appliances in most kitchens, so you won’t want to have them hidden away in a drawer or cupboard, and have to remove them every time you want to use them. Likewise, you might not necessarily want to have them on show on your benchtop.

So what’s the solution? Consider an appliance cabinet that sits directly on your benchtop, so you can easily slide items in and out on the bench. There are a couple of different options for the type of door you put on this, the most efficient being a roller door. The door rolls directly up to the top of the cabinet and can easily be left open for as long as you need without interfering with the space around the cabinet. When you are finished working in the kitchen, you can close the door down for a perfectly tidy, uncluttered bench.

Corner cabinet pull-out

Depending on the shape and layout of your kitchen, most of us will have some form of corner cabinet. Corner cabinets are probably the most hated cabinets in a kitchen. The main reason being that you often lose items that get pushed right to the back, or end up not using items because they’re too difficult to access.

There are lots of corner pull-out accessories available today to suit both under bench and above bench corner cabinets. A pull-out will make it a lot easier for you to store items in your corner cabinet, as you will be able to access everything stored in the back and won’t have to worry about looking for things.

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Under cabinet gadgets

The space under your overhead cabinets can be a great place to gain some extra valuable storage. Use some specially designed under cabinet storage racks to store items such as spices close to your cooktop, so you don’t have to rummage in the pantry every time you need a spice.

There are also racks that can be used to store wine glasses, wine bottles and even herbs. They not only add an extra element of functionality to your kitchen, but they look great, too. Add some under cabinet lights to really make a statement and brighten your work space.

Bi-folding doors

You might have a cabinet in your kitchen that would be more functional if you could leave the doors open without them interfering too much with the surrounding space. If you have a walk-in pantry, it’s nice if you can leave the doors open while you are cooking so that you can easily walk in and out of the pantry without having to open and close a door each time. Or, maybe you don’t have space for a separate laundry in your home and need to incorporate some space for your washing machine and dryer in your kitchen. You don’t want to have these appliances on show but they need to be easily accessed.

Consider putting them in a cabinet that has either pocket doors that open and then slide away on either side of the cabinet or bi-folding doors that open back together against an adjacent wall or cabinet. Both options will allow you to leave the cabinet doors open while you are using the appliances, and can be hidden away when you are finished. No one would even know they are there.

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Bulkhead storage

Storage, storage, storage! We all crave extra storage in every part of our home, but mostly the kitchen.

If you have high ceilings, consider building an extra row of cabinets above your kitchen instead of an empty bulkhead. Sure, they will be high and not easy to access on a daily basis, however, they will add valuable storage space to your kitchen. Use them to store items that you don’t use very regularly, such as items that you only use once a year like at Christmas time. Keeping these lesser used items up high will free up more space in your lower cabinets for items that you use every day.

Keep a small step ladder somewhere close by so that you can reach the cabinets when you need to. You can even use these cabinets to store other non-kitchen items that you don’t have space for in other areas of your home but don’t want to throw out.

Pop-up power point

Having an island bench is great in any kitchen. It creates a central hub for people to gather around and it also creates a big empty work space for you. Pop-up power points are an excellent way to incorporate power in your island. They sit flush with your benchtop when you are not using them and easily pop up out of the bench when you want to plug something in. They are available with varying amounts of power points, and some are even available with USB points, so you can plug your iPad in to read your recipes when you are cooking.

Incorporating power points into your island bench is a great way to optimise the functionality of your island. This will allow you to plug in items such as mixers and blenders at your island, making for a more practical workspace.

Kitchens by Kathie

Microwave cabinet

The microwave is a kitchen appliance that many of us can not live without. One of the things that my clients constantly complain about in their existing kitchen is having their microwave on the benchtop, taking up valuable bench space. Housing your microwave in an overhead cupboard isn’t always an option, depending on the layout and design of your kitchen.

A great solution is to incorporate a microwave cabinet under your bench, maybe in your island. This will free up valuable bench space and also means that the microwave is at a height that all your family can easily use, including your children as they get older.

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Herbs and knives

Rummaging through your cutlery and utensil drawer to find the knife you are looking for is frustrating – and dangerous! Likewise, none of us enjoy rooting through the pantry to find the jar of chilli flakes when you are in the middle of cooking up a storm.

Look for some drawer organisers that store items such as herbs and spice jars neatly, so you can see the labels and easily find what you are looking for. Also look for utensil organisers such as in-drawer knife blocks. They will help you to store your knives safely, and you won’t have to look far to find the one you need.

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Easy cleaning

Carrying the vacuum cleaner around the house is a bit of a chore. Consider installing a vacuum system in the kickboard of your kitchen. You simply sweep up the mess from the floor towards the vacuum plate on your kickboard and when you active it, it sucks up all the dirt that you sweep towards it. Magic! It’s a fun way to get your children involved in the cleaning up too.

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