4 Tips for Being a Great Franchise Boss

4 Tips for Being a Great Franchise Boss

Owning a franchise is a fantastic option for those who love being in control and want to be their own boss.

But becoming a boss isn’t as easy as assigning hours, giving orders and receiving that big payslip at the end of the week. Managing and running a business requires commitment, patience and terrific leadership skills. If you’re interested in running your own business, here are our four tips to help you become the best boss you can be.

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties  Lead, don’t order

A good boss doesn’t order his or her employees around, but rather shows them the correct path to follow. Not only does this help you set an example for what’s expected, but it creates a more respectful and closer relationship with your team. Switch the boss-team member dynamic in reverse and treat your staff like colleagues: get to know them, show them the ropes and develop a bond.

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties  Show passion and enthusiasm

If you are bored by your work, your staff will pick up on this, which will only result in a negative energy surrounding the job. However, if you are having a great time and love what you do, this will show and subsequently motivate your staff. This is also why you should pick a company or franchise that you’re passionate about. If you are a pet lover, consider mobile pet grooming; if you love the outdoors and gardening, a garden care business could be your calling.

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties  Balance work and personal life

Being a boss and a business owner can be a tricky, time-consuming task. At James’ Home Services we have an excellent franchise system and support network to encourage a healthy work-life balance for our franchisees. As the boss, you may find it more difficult to balance your work and personal life, but it’s important to separate the two. Try to avoid bringing work home, and commit to taking time to relax when you do have days off.

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties  Motivate and commend your team members

A team that isn’t motivated or engaged is less likely to get things done. The best way to get your team performing to the best of their abilities is by showing them what they get out of doing the work (other than just a paycheque). Recognise the staff that are doing a good job and praise them for their work. Likewise, take notice of staff that are slacking and offer them incentives to do more. It’s always good to take a little out of the budget for team or individual rewards; consider awarding as a small voucher or hosting a group dinner.

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