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5 ‘Worth It’ Reasons To Groom Your Pets Habitually

5 ‘Worth It’ Reasons To Groom Your Pets Habitually

Spring is here! Let’s think less layers and more sunshine. If you’re spring cleaning your home, maybe it’s time to consider your pet’s cleaning habits as well. Here are five top reasons to keep your pets in the routine of grooming.

  1. Decreases you pet’s stress levels:

Unbeknown to owners, matting and tangling of our pet’s hair can be very painful for our beloved friends. Inconsistent grooming habits can be stressful for your pet – letting their coats get too long causes more stress around grooming. The bigger the knots, the more painful it is for the hair to be groomed or removed. Grooming your pet regularly keeps the whole experience less stressful and he or she is more familiar with the whole process.

  1. Reduces risk of eye, ear, skin, teeth and nail infections:

Skin conditions such as hot spots, fleas, ticks and mites all thrive on dirty and untreated pets. Regular grooming reduces the possibility of these common ailments, helping ensure your pet is free from pain and infection.

  1. Keeps your house clean:

Grooming before your pet starts their shedding cycle is a massive time saver when it comes to cleaning… less shedding, less mess and more time doing better things like relaxing with your animal!

  1. Makes for a happy pet:

Pet owners who get their animals groomed often will tell you the impact of a regular freshen up. We often get comments from our clients saying their dogs go nuts with excitement after they have had the past six weeks of hair growth trimmed off. Pets will often jump around and roll on the grass with a whole new lease on life!

  1. Lowers the cost of long term vet bills

As consistent grooming prevents disease and reduces the risk of skin irritations, grooming regularly may also bring to light certain health issues before they become an emergency. Recognising potential concerns early, means a healthier pet and dramatically reduces the cost of long term vet bills.

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