6 Useful Baby Wipe Hacks

6 Useful Baby Wipe Hacks to Save You Effort.

Those who have children will know just how darn useful baby wipes are. Apart from their regular use for keeping out little ones tiny bots clean and delightful, we’ve bought you our 6 top baby wipe hacks that you can use around the house that we love and that work!

  1. Spot cleaning with baby wipes

Spill something on the carpet? Baby wipes. Coffee on your shirt? Baby wipes. Spilt drink on your sofa? Baby wipes. Keep a pack handy in your living areas and kitchen as your fail safe go-to cleaning apparatus when spills occur.

  1. Baby wipe dust removers

Baby wipes are golden at removing dust. Just wipe across those dusty areas and presto – clean and sparkling once more. Super handy for cleaning skirting boards – even better if you have a skateboard lying around – simply sit, skate and wipe!

  1. Cleaning walls with baby wipes

Tired of looking at grimy handprints on the walls? Scuff marks? Dirt from the dog’s tail swishing past? When you can’t quite pluck up the energy for a full sugar soap clean of your walls, grab some baby wipes for a quick touch-up.

  1. Baby wipe paint spill fixer

If you are getting into some DIY paint jobs around the house, keep a pack of wipes handy for any little slip-ups or spills you might make. They take the paint away quickly and easily while the paint is still wet to ensure the perfect paint application.

  1. Baby wipe make-up removers

When you’ve run out of your fancy, high-end makeup remover, head for a baby wipe to see just how effective they can be. If you get some lipstick on your shirt or foundation on your collar, just baby wipe it off to be looking as good as new.

  1. Cleaning hands and feet (including even the canine kind) with baby wipes

If you are like most Aussie families and spent a lot of your time outdoors, baby wipes are gold for cleaning everyone up before they jump in the car or step back inside. Even for your dogs – just wipe gently across the pads of their paws and presto – like new. Also great for long car rides when you need a quick clean or freshen up.

So there you have it – useful little things aren’t they? 

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Please note, James’ Home Services recommends environmentally friendly baby wipes. Please read the label before flushing wipes down the toilet.

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