5 Key Benefits Of Investing In An Irrigation System

Grow Garden, Grow! 5 Key Benefits Of Investing In An Irrigation System.

This day and age, anything we can lay our hands on that saves precious time is worth its weight in gold. For some, watering the garden is a fabulous form of relaxation, a time to Zen out amongst the beauty of your garden and what you have created.

Other times, it can be darn right handy to just have a nicely built-in system that could take care of the watering for you when you just don’t have the time. There are many different types of irrigation systems depending on your needs.

Our spotlight this week is on the drip irrigation system. Dip irrigation systems deliver water at a low pressure directly to the base of your plants through holes in narrow tubing that you can place throughout your garden.

The water seeps slowly into the soil as it drips out one drop at a time. These systems are handy little devices. Here are our top 5 benefits for installing a drip irrigation system in your backyard.

  1. Saves Time

For those days when you don’t have the spare time to amble throughout your garden, the drip system saves a bucket load of time! Irrigation systems have automatic timers that can be set to your liking and what best suits the climate of your garden.

  1. Saves Water

With irrigation systems, there is a huge reduction in the amount of water used to water your garden. Every little drop is accounted for with no additional water lost through surface run-off as it is delivered straight to the roots of your plants.

  1. Less Water = More Money

Yes there is the cost of the initial outlay of the irrigation system, however once installed, the automatic timers and rain sensors ensure the best savings on water possible, which in turn means more money in your back pocket with cheaper water bills!

  1. Less Weeds

Yes please! The fewer weeds in our gardens the better. Due to the design of the irrigation system delivering water direct to the base of plants, there is no water being spent on watering weeds and encouraging their growth on spare soil space.

  1. A Healthier Garden

Drip irrigation systems mimic the ideal conditions for healthy garden growth by delivering a continuous, low-pressure dispersion of water to your garden. There you have it – an investment in your garden where the results speak for themselves.

Give us a bell if you’d like your local James’ Home Services Lawn and Garden Care team to install a drip irrigation system in your garden then sit back and watch that garden grow.

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