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James' Mobile Pet Grooming & Hydrobath North Lakes | James' Home Services

6 Months After Gold Star Community Clean-up Day: What did we learn?

James’ Home Services held a Gold Star Community Clean-up Day at the Lakes Early Childhood Centre six months ago on Saturday 26 November 2016 – just one of the ways we like to give back to our local communities. About the Special Day Twenty-two of the James’ Home Services team including service franchisees, consultants, head […]

James' Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control Gympie - Rick - James carpet cleaning tips

How To Remove Red Wine Carpet Stains

The Red Wine Hazard –  How To Avoid Stains. Red wine stains. We’ve all had them. Hands up those who have successfully removed all traces of a good time out of their carpets? There are many home remedies out there to tackle this job, but we’ve got the tried and tested (bookmark it for future reference) […]

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties Be your own boss & decide your own hours James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties Excellent for building a loyal, return customer base James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties Not just lawn mowing! Offer full gardening services James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties Trailer, equipment, training & business coaching included James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties Option to promote landscaping and other gardening services

Turn Your Love of Gardening into a Profitable Business

If you find yourself always falling back to your passion of gardening, and find yourself wondering how to turn it into a business, we have the answers for you. If you want to spend all day, every day, doing things you love, take the opportunity to start your own franchise with the help of trained […]

James' Mobile Pet Grooming & Hydrobath North Lakes | James' Home Services

Does Your Pet Have a Fear of Clippers?

Many pets are uncomfortable having their feet and faces touched with clippers. It’s often best to start getting them use to clipping when they’re puppies, but even older dogs can be desensitised and trained. Although the process isn’t overly difficult, it can take time. Follow the steps below and help your little loved one feel right […]

James Home Service Franchise

4 Things You Should Know About Being The Boss

If you’re slugging it out at a 9 to 5, making money for someone else and finding you’re just not getting the fulfillment you want from your work, it could be time to look for a career path that doesn’t start with a job ad. Starting your own business can kick off an entirely new, […]

James’ Pick: Top 8 Garden Edging Choices

James’ Home Services Pick: Top 8 Garden Edging Options. Garden edging can make or break your garden. Done well, it can make your garden pop, add a touch of character and enhance your garden’s beauty. Garden edging helps to maintain your garden as well as defining the different sections of your garden by being a […]

Clean your oven without costing the earth!

How to clean your over without it costing the earth! Let’s be honest – dirty ovens are gross. They are black, sticky, grimy, smelly and overall just not entirely pleasant to have to deal with. Well, we have a solution that will make your oven cleaning a breeze, where you won’t feel as though you […]

5 Key Benefits Of Investing In An Irrigation System

Grow Garden, Grow! 5 Key Benefits Of Investing In An Irrigation System. This day and age, anything we can lay our hands on that saves precious time is worth its weight in gold. For some, watering the garden is a fabulous form of relaxation, a time to Zen out amongst the beauty of your garden and […]

5 minute bathroom clean tips - James' Home Services

What’s the best way to get rid of ants for good?

“I’VE GOT ANTS!!!” Wondering what’s the best way to get rid of ants for good? Find out from James’ Home Services. Those little trooper ants are out in force. Yes there are some really cute kids movies made about ants dominating their tiny little worlds, but in reality, seeing a trail a mile long of […]

Clever ways to organise kid’s rooms

Get your kid’s rooms adult friendly with these James’ Home Services tidy tips. All the mums and dads out there know what minefields kids’ rooms can be. From overturned tubs of lego (ahhh torture!) to books that have piled over one another on bookshelves, to all sorts of miniature toys spread from one end of […]

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