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From Being Managed to Managing: How to Own Your Own Business

In order to get the necessities needed in life, and of course some splurge items, you need to have a steady income.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to figure out the career for them, and many people end up in jobs that they don’t enjoy day to day. Unfortunately, many people end up complacent or stuck in a career that doesn’t aid their personal growth.

Why not become your own boss? Why not start your own business? We know, it sounds daunting, but hear us out and you will see how this can be an amazing alternative pathway in your career.

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Is a franchise system a good choice over a start-up?

For hypothetical purposes, let’s say you want to open a pool and spa cleaning service. Many people, both residential and commercial, have pool and spas, including hotels, motels, gyms and private homes. A pool and spa cleaning service will be needed for years to come, especially given the detailed nature of the job.

You may never have been involved in pool and spa cleaning services. In many other career pathways, your lack of experience may be the reason behind not getting a job. With no training, and little knowledge or equipment to clean pools, you may be lost on how to begin this kind of service and feel hopeless in stepping towards this career path. So then, how do you go from having no experience to owning your own business and thriving? There is a way.

Support, System, Training, Marketing & Business Coaching – The James’ Way

If you were to buy a franchise, you will be trained by the franchise owner about the businesses ins and outs. No matter your level of experience, you will have the inside knowledge handed down so that you can succeed. If it were a pool and spa cleaning franchise, you would be trained on how to properly clean, how to fix certain problems and given the tools and agents used towards cleaning pools and spas.

You will be walked through everything by the business owner, and be helped through the initial set up and further into the franchise’s future. You will always have someone to turn to, but remain in charge of your business. You will be taught how to operate the business, and given the tools to track sales and hire workers. These benefits are not seen when starting a company out of nowhere.

Opening a franchise is a safe bet for those that want to be their own boss. Apart from being given the knowledge and tools to fall back on, you actually invest less money than you would from starting your own. Many franchises have already built up a reputation and a client base, which you can tap into and work from. You also do not have to spend as much money through marketing a franchise than you would have to a home-grown business from scratch. Through an already established business, you can span into your own franchise and find a successful career path.

How James’ Home Services can help

The benefits of buying a franchise, whether it is window cleaning or anything else that is of your choice, far outweigh the advantages of having and setting up your own business. Starting to earn money from day one, with customers who are already familiar with the brand and staff sounds good enough to help you decide on buying a franchise, yet remain independent. James Home Services can help you begin your own franchise, and show you the way forward in your new career path.

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