4 tips to get your lawn summer ready

With lawn care, it’s all about the preparation before summer hits, so we’ve got your top 4 tips to get your lawn summer ready.

Summer is most certainly on its way. With summer comes entertaining, the great Aussie BBQ, Christmas drinks, play dates for the kids and lots of backyard activities that demand a lawn in tip top shape. Just like choosing to host Christmas for your entire extended family, it too can be a stressful time for your lawn.


Mow your lawn regularly but do not go too short! A short lawn is not a good lawn! The shorter the lawn is, the more exposed the soil is so keep it at a good length and mow more often. Length in your lawn keeps the soil more sheltered and cooler in the warmer months as well as protecting the soil from major water loss through evaporation. This will keep your lawn in better shape, using less water throughout summer.


All chemical weed treatments should be avoided in summer, as this is when your lawn is most stressed. If you have some pesky winter weeds hanging on, pulling out by hand is your best option.


In summer, water deeply and less frequently to get right down deep to the root level and to encourage your lawn’s drought tolerance. Water early in the day to reduce evaporation and to enhance your efforts even further, add a watering agent to your hose to increase your soil’s water absorbency.


Fertilising is definitely one job to be left to the cooler summer days. Fertilising on the hottest days can have damaging impacts on your lawn (such as burning) if it is not completely watered in immediately after application. For this reason, it is recommended to fertilise as you head into summer when the days are slightly cooler. If your lawn needs a top up in the middle of summer due to heavy rainfall, opt to fertilise in the early hours of the morning before the daily heat sets in.

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