How to Clean Your Bathroom in 5 Minutes

Want to be able to clean your bathroom in 5 minutes flat? Check these tips below.

How would you like to have some tips and tricks to clean your bathroom in less than 5 minutes flat? Sounds good huh? Follow these common tips to avoid soap and grime build up to epic proportions that require a gas mask and some hard chemicals to get it sparkling like new again. So grab a few of these essentials and pop them into your bathroom to make your weekly bathroom blitz a breeze.

The James’ Home Services 5-Minute Flat Bathroom Cleaning Blitz

Our 5-minute bathroom cleaning blitz can be carried out before and/or after your shower. You’re in there, so why not make the most of your time?

Pre-Shower Cleaning Tips

  • Citrus up your taps

Simply cut a lemon in half and rub on your taps and faucets – clean and smells fresh!

  • A throne for a king

Get that toilet sparkling. Mix together ¼ cup vinegar and ¼ cup of baking soda for the ultimate natural toilet cleaner. Wipe around the outer toilet and seat. Pour the rest of the mixture into the toilet bowl and let it sit.

  • Shower scum be gone!

Dryer sheets – if you don’t use them in your dryer – grab them for the shower! These little beauties are great for cleaning off that scum off your shower screens. Simply wet them down and wipe across your screens and wash that scum peel away. For more stubborn spots, you might need to call in some more heavy duty cleaning aids, but if done regularly, dryer sheets will work a treat! There is even some lovely lavender and vanilla scented ones. Delightful.

  • Mirror mirror on the wall

Lather up some shaving cream and go nuts like a toddler finger painting. Sounds odd we know but then wipe off with paper towel and presto! Admire that reflection in your sparkling mirror.

Post-Shower Cleaning Tips

You’re nicely clean and fresh yourself so not too much work is needed post-shower. Keep a window squeegee in the shower – quickly squeegee down before you hop out. Now you’ve got a nice clean and dry shower free from scum. That toilet has soaked for a nice while now – simply scrub the toilet bowl and flush.

There you have it – your James’ Home Services 5 minute bathroom blitz

Now go and enjoy your day! All else fails, contact our James’ Home Services Interior House Care Team to get your bathroom gleaming and shining like new.

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