How To Train Your Dog to Love Grooming

Training Your Dog For Grooming

It’s difficult for your dog understand from the get-go that a loud hairdryer isn’t going to hurt them, or that the clippers aren’t going to attack them. These are foreign objects to them, and like anything they need to be slowly introduced. As much as you love your dog, their instincts are to protect themselves from unknown objects, even if it benefits them.

Sure, you can’t just sit your dog down and talk them through the grooming procedures… But there are ways that you can make them more comfortable with the process and become familiarised with the tools you will be using.

Standing on A Table

When grooming dogs, most of the time they are placed up high on a table or bench. This is completely unfamiliar territory for a dog, and would create an uncomfortable situation for them. Try to start training them at a young age to be comfortable with heights. Ease into it. Start by elevating them slightly on a stool and get them used to that level, then move to a chair, and then to the table height. Reward them for behaving with treats and they will get more familiar and comfortable with the change.

Get Them Used to Touch

Most of the time we pet dogs, we are touching their backs or bellies. Although they may not be too sensitive in those areas, you need to allow them to trust being touched in more sensitive sections of their body.

Start slowly by watching their reactions when you move to other parts of their body, such as their face, legs and rear. Do not push it when you are doing this process, and if there are any signs of nervousness and anger you need to stop. Move back to petting comfortable areas and once they seem calm you can lightly move back to the more sensitive areas and go lightly.

Short and Sweet

Another way to make them more comfortable in grooming is by interspersing the areas you pat (once they’re more comfortable in the sensitive areas, of course).  Eventually do this whilst they are at the different height levels as outlined previously, so that they understand this is what happens when they are on this table or in this room.

Positive Reinforcement

As you are petting your dog, it never goes badly if you give them treats for reacting positively. This will show them that they are doing a good job by being gentle and calm to touch, and slowly allow them to get more used to it where treats won’t be as necessary.

Allow them to familiarise themselves

Once they get more comfortable to touch, also start getting them used to the feel of the tools opposed to your hands. Lay out the tools, allow them to sniff them and become familiar with them, and then start using them slowly on their fur. Use reinforcement to ensure this process is made easier.

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