Don’t Forget Your Pet – Tick & Flea Checks in Summer

With the onset of summer come long lazy afternoons, swimming at the beach, cricket and backyard BBQs. Unfortunately for our beloved family members of the furry kind, it also means ticks and fleas are at their peak… 

Ticks are prevalent year round along the eastern coast of Australia from North Queensland down to Victoria, but are more prolific in the spring to autumn months – smack bang peaking in summer. They generally don’t like the cooler temperatures so don’t seem as fussed about your pets in winter. The ever-nasty paralysis ticks are the bad boys of the tick world. As they latch onto your pet, they suck blood and simultaneously secrete a potentially deadly toxin into your pet. If you do come across a tick the RSPCA has some great tips on knowing the symptoms and removing ticks from your pets.

Fleas also peak in summer and they can cause extreme discomfort for both you and your pet. Once you have noticed fleas on your pet, their flea mates and their eggs have probably multiplied times over in your home and yard. Not a fun start to summer!


Ticks love to furrow down into that soft fluffy fur just like we do. Their favourite spots are generally up front – especially their ears (it’s nice and warm in there), face and neck. This can be handy seeing as these are the areas we like to pat and play so hopefully you’ll notice something that doesn’t belong.

One of the simplest things you can do to ward off ticks and fleas on your pets is ensure their good hygiene and grooming. Summer brings heat; so if you have a long-haired dog, consider a new shave for summer. Dogs love a new do just like we do! Short hair means an easier task of searching for ticks quickly and easily.

Giving them a regular flea and tick bath can work wonders in killing and warding off potential invaders. Our James’ Home Services mobile pet grooming includes a specialised flea and tick concentrated rinse as part of our standard service. Whilst we bathe your pet, our experienced groomers also clean their ears and paws and manually search for any embedded ticks you may have missed. Apart from this potentially life-saving check, we lovingly bathe them in a heated twin-tank bath and ensure to give them an extra massage (yep even your dog loves a good massage!).

Lastly, another important thing to remember – ticks don’t discriminate. They love both dogs and cats; however, the treatments used for dogs can be super dangerous to cats – toxic in fact. So if you own both animals, be sure to buy the right treatment for each animal. In this case, sharing is definitely not caring. It’s just dangerous.

If your dog is due for their summer groom, don’t forget to check your pet for ticks and fleas! Visit our mobile pet grooming page for our grooming packages and to book.

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