What’s the best way to get rid of ants for good?

“I’VE GOT ANTS!!!” Wondering what’s the best way to get rid of ants for good? Find out from James’ Home Services.

Those little trooper ants are out in force. Yes there are some really cute kids movies made about ants dominating their tiny little worlds, but in reality, seeing a trail a mile long of ants cruising along your bench tops is not a Disney movie moment.

Have you noticed that they seem a lot more active in summer? That’s because they are. Ants have the equivalent of a great work ethic come summertime. And it does make sense – it’s for their own livelihood. Ants must forage and store enough food in the summer months to keep them going through the cooler months. And like any good team member, when they hit a jackpot, they send out the word and an entire ant army comes a running. That’s why there is never just one ant – there are hundreds of them.

How do you keep ants out of your home and kitchen?

You may have noticed that ants love your kitchen and bathroom the most. It makes sense really as these areas have the sustenance they need for life – food and water. Cupboards chock full of tasty treats, floors with dropped food and bathrooms with an abundance of water drops perfect for a thirsty ant. Here’s some simple home remedies to try and combat those ants before they take hold.

Clean as you go

Clean as you go, so no leftover food is left on your kitchen benches. Clean out your cupboards and store food in containers and ziplock bags to prevent things like sugar spilling out and creating a sugary feast for your ant invaders.

Baby powder and coffee granules scare them off

Sprinkle some baby powder across the entry areas that your ants like to travel. They don’t like walking across it so baby powder up those surfaces! May be messy for a while but will do the trick. Coffee granules do the same however this may prove a bit more unsightly!

Pet Food Bowls – make a moat

Often a common party scene for ants as food can sit for longer periods of time as well as linger in the bowl even when licked clean. Simply pop your food bowl into another bowl filled with water – those ants won’t swim!

Vinegar stinks

Isn’t vinegar just the most useful item to have in your home? It’s one of our favourites. Ants don’t fancy the strong odour of vinegar, so use it as a natural cleaning agent in your kitchen and have the added benefit of reduced ants! Unfortunately, do remember that ants do enjoy moving indoors when the rain is coming and in drought conditions, so do expect to see some of the little critters no matter what efforts you have out in to ward them off.

If your ant problem has got a little too out of control, call James’ Home Services on 1800 1JAMES for a full pest treatment in your home or submit an enquiry here.

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