Clever ways to organise kid’s rooms

Get your kid’s rooms adult friendly with these James’ Home Services tidy tips.

All the mums and dads out there know what minefields kids’ rooms can be. From overturned tubs of lego (ahhh torture!) to books that have piled over one another on bookshelves, to all sorts of miniature toys spread from one end of the room to another (who seriously decided miniature things were awesome? Great for kids, pain for parents).

We’ve compiled some awesome little tips and tricks to get your children’s bedrooms and playrooms sorted. Then at least maybe they’ll stay clean and tidy for perhaps an hour or so. Or at least while they are asleep.

Barbie Organiser

Anyone with little girls knows how great barbies look when they first are opened – shoes are on, handbags are clear and visible and outfit sorted. Two days later – missing shoes, no bag and missing her skirt. In comes the Barbie organiser! If you are the sewing type, you can DIY your own like this.

Magnetic Strips For Your Toy Cars

Magnetic strips have so many awesome uses – tack some up on your bedroom or playroom walls and those toy cars can have pride of place. Here is an example we found on Pinterest.

Tackle Boxes For Itty-Bitty Toys

Barbie shoes, shopkins, marbles – you name it. The fisherman’s tackle box is the perfect place to store all those teeny tiny toys our kids just love. Plus it secures nicely to keep them safe from toppling out.

Transparent Boxes

You can find these everywhere and anywhere in all shapes and sizes. Label them as well so your kids can quickly and easily find all their stuff. Design your own shelving system for a complete storage solution. Or simply buy the ones that can easily slide under their beds.

Hang it Up

Get as much off the floor and onto your walls as possible. Hang curtain rods and attach mini baskets for toy storage. Hang some material in room corners to make a toy hammock for all those stuffed toys. Get some chalkboard paint and hang metal chalk containers for an on-the-wall chalkboard station.

A few little tricks you can DIY over a weekend to help those little ones keep their rooms nice and tidy – even just for a little while…

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