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Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming for the Furry Friends of Bankstown

James’ Home Services provides the little pooches of Bankstown with a mobile pet grooming and hydrobath service. Our aim is to have your furry little friend looking clean, healthy, and to get rid of any unwanted bugs they may have picked up during their playtime. We offer a comprehensive clean, covering everything from brushes, clips, ear cleaning, and even providing them with a cute cologne fragrance.

Feel free to get in contact with the friendly team of dog groomers at James Home Services to have your favourite little friend receive the ultimate pamper.

What grooming do we provide?

The team of dog groomers at James’ Home Services love nothing more than to see a happy pooch after being bathed and groomed. We provide a comprehensive pet grooming solution for your doggie in packages that include:

  • Hydrobath – We provide pooches in Bankstown and surrounding areas with a hydrobath that will have your little friend looking clean, healthy, and will rid them of any ticks or fleas they may have picked up somewhere along the way. The hydrobath is a great option for older dogs too as the warm water is great for sore muscles or arthritis.
  • Quick Clip – We can provide your pup with a trim that will have their coat looking fresh and healthy. Included in our body clip package is a trim for their ears, nails, and paws, as well as providing them with our lovely doggie cologne.
  • Super Groom and Clip – If you want your dog to receive the full treatment, we can provide our comprehensive dog grooming package that includes a hydrobath, body clip, full brush, nails, just a complete groom that will have your little pooch looking absolutely adorable.

Read more about our pet grooming service here.

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