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Pest Control

Cheltenham Pest Control and Removal – Without the Fuss

We’ve all felt that sinking feeling upon discovering that our home or property has been overrun by pests. The serious financial impact which many infestations can have, along with the realisation that your house is no longer your own, form a devastating one-two punch for homeowners which can delay an appropriate response to this health and property risk.

Of course, the appropriate response to any pest problem in the Cheltenham area is to contact James’ Pest Control. Our teams of experienced pest technicians are capable of identifying and dealing with any common pest infestation, traveling to you with the equipment we need to get the job done fast. What’s more, when you hire James’ Pest Control you get the signature James’ Gold Medal Service Guarantee – our reassurance to your that our technicians will provide you the very best in customer service and remain in constant communication as we deal with your personal pest threat.

Our Competitive Rates Take the Financial Strain Out of Pest Attacks

One of the riskiest things to do after discovering evidence of a pest infestation at your property is wait; waiting to see if things improve only gives the infestation time and space to spread out and dig in, becoming much harder to properly expunge. Many people understand this danger, yet still choose to hold off on hiring pest control due to the high perceived costs – despite this risking a still higher bill for both pest removal and repairs after the fact.

James’ Pest Control and Removal aim to alleviate the pressure placed on already stressed victims of pest infestation. With our prices starting at just $89 for a thorough interior pest control, or as little as $150 for a complete pest removal and cleaning service, indoor and outdoor, it’s clear that James’ Pest Control and our Gold Medal Service guarantee can deliver you the best customer experience on offer.

Contact James today to get a free quote on your pest removal

James’ Pest Control adapt our services to suit the circumstances and needs of each client we visit. Don’t hesitate to call us when you’re suspicious of pests in your home – call 1800 1 JAMES and we can arrange for a free, no-obligations quote on your pest removal service.

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