Preparing Your Own Veggie Garden

Making your own vegetable garden can be a great, sustainable way to get fresh vegetables on the regular.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your garden grow and flourish, and what’s more, you get to eat those nutritious plants afterwards!

Though making your veggie garden can be a little tough at the start, knowing the right tips will get your garden thriving and growing before you know it.

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties  Start small

Even if you plan on expanding your garden to a big veggie patch brimming with greens, always aim for small goals and perfect the little patch first.

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties  Pick the easy veggies first

Choose vegetables that are high and long-yielding, grow quickly, and that you know you’ll eat. Radish, lettuce and spinach all grow quickly, while other leafy vegetables have much longer yields. Heirloom variety vegetables are also less resource-intensive, so they’re perfect for beginners.

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties  Companion planting

Certain plants make excellent companions to others, leading to better growth and quality. A lot of companion planting is trial and error, but there are a few companions that have been known to help. Cabbage works well with beets or bush beans, and carrots go great with onion or lettuce. Browse a companion planting chart to get an idea of which plants work well together.

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties  Location and soil

Make sure you plant your seeds in location suitable to their variety. The seed packets often tell you how much sun the plant will need. Many vegetables need half a day’s worth of direct sunlight to thrive. Ensure the soil you’re planting them in is soft soil, and use compost to get those extra nutrients. Drainage should also be considered — make sure water doesn’t drain too quickly, but that it also doesn’t collect on top.

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties  Composting/worm farms

Recycle organic waste and scraps by building your own compost bin – the earth will thank you for it! Once compost has broken down, you can add it to your garden soil, thereby helping to provide your veggies with essential nutrients and moisture. Worm farms and bokashi buckets are also great for those who are space-poor.

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties  Space your crops

Make sure you’re giving your plants plenty of space to grow. Clumping plants together — particularly ones that may antagonise one another — will only be wasted effort.

James-Home-Services - Franchise Opportunties  Maintain

Nothing kills your veggie patch faster than poor maintenance. Even if you’ve only got a small patch, you should make sure you’re sticking with upkeep, pruning, weeding, trimming grass surrounding the patch, regular watering and soil analysis.

James’ Home Services offers quality gardening maintenance — we can help beginners with keeping their lawn looking fresh and trimmed as well as checking on any veggie gardens in the making.

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