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As featured in A Financial Review on 31st of May by Alexandra Cain

Philanthropists finding many ways to donate – Financial Review

As featured in A Financial Review on Wednesday the 31st of May 2017 by Alexandra Cain.

Philanthropists finding many ways to donate - FIN

An excerpt from the original story below. Find it online here.

‘Personal approach

Mike Dowling, CEO of cleaning group James Home Services, is among the new breed of philanthropist taking a personal approach to giving.

Rather than simply give a certain amount to a particular charity each year, he finds causes in which he has a genuine interest.

“I don’t associate myself with any one large charity. I might be driving along and hear something about a person who needs a wheelchair. In one instance a 12-year-old girl was suffering from spina bifida. I tracked her down and paid for the wheelchair,” Dowling explains.

He also gave her parents $5000 to look after their child while she was going through this difficult time.

In another example, Dowling was involved in a charity called Half the Sky. He donated $100,000 at one of its events, on the proviso others would contribute as well.

“We raised about $230,000 in six minutes. That’s the power of giving the right way. I know all that money will go to children. All of it,” he says.

That’s important to Dowling, who does not want the money he donates to be spent on a charity’s administration costs.

“People a lot wealthier than me will give $300,000 a year to a large charity. I don’t do that. I’m more interested in seeing what difference I can make to an individual or group of people over the years.”

He says he’s donated between $350,000 and $500,000 over time.

While Dowling says he does not have a particular charity, group or individual on his radar at the moment, he’s open to opportunities.

“I don’t look for them, they find me. I see something that means something to me and if I can help then I will do it. There are things out there I just couldn’t help, because I know how much money they really need. While I could give something [to these larger causes], I think it’s often better to give to individuals,” he says.’ (Author Alexandra Cain, published in A Financial Review, 31st of May, 2017).

Queensland Community Foundation’s Small to Medium Business Philanthropist of the Year

Congratulations to Mike for your nomination for the Queensland Community Foundation’s Small to Medium Business Philanthropist of the Year! For more information about James’ Home Services and Mike Dowling, click here.

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