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Pro Tips On How To Get New Cleaning, Lawn Mowing & Grooming Clients

how to get new cleaning or lawn mowing clientWho is your ideal cleaning, grooming or lawn mowing client?

Familiarising yourself with your preferred type of client is important to know because the best clients are loyal ones.

Yes, you can clean anyone’s house but when you really zone into it, you should be able to get an idea of who the “regular” customers are compared to the “just looking for a coupon” customers.

What are their problems, frustrations and concerns? What are common questions they have? Use this information to direct your marketing efforts at those people in particular to attract them to your business.

James home services How to Get New Cleaning & lawn mowing Clients Ask-for-referrals-from-the-clients-who-fit-the-billAsk for referrals from clients who fit the bill

Ask for referrals from current clients that you like doing business with. Chances are, they have similar friends, colleagues, family or other business owners in need of what you provide.

For example if you’re a carpet cleaning business owner, go real estate door knocking in uniform and with a brochure. Let the right people know you’re available and have the skills to serve them well.


Build up credibility using reviews and testimonials 

Make it easy for clients to leave you a review. In the home services business, if you don’t ask, you simply don’t get. What’s your strategy for attaining regular testimonials?

Perhaps you usually text or email your customer after a job is complete. Use this follow-up as an opportunity to place a link to your Facebook Page or Google Maps Location in your text or email so they don’t have to find it themselves.


 Message 1:


Hi Sue, thanks you again for choosing James. How was the service you received? Let us know when you have a minute.


If happy or no reply, send Message 2:

We’d love it if you could help our small business grow by leaving us a review on Facebook:[your_business_URL]/reviews

Ps. Have a friend looking for a cleaner? Refer us! If they mention your name, you’ll receive 10% off your next clean. 🙂

share your testimonials everywhere James Home ServicesShare your testimonials wherever you can

Every now and then, copy the testimonial text and use it on your Google My Business posts or as a Facebook post to help improve local exposure.

Reviews and testimonials are content you don’t even need to write yourself! They work as social proof for potentail customers.

While on the job, ask customers if they’d mind you taking a before and after so you have additional content to use between review sharing and other posts.

value proposition for choosing james home servicesKnow your stuff and show your customers you know it!

What are YOU bringing to them that is of value? What are the benefits of hiring you? (And steer clear of price competition where you can.)

If you’re really good at what you do, you use quality products, you’re efficient and have great customer service, don’t discount. Sometimes reaching those top tier clients means knowing when to charge what you’re worth. Of course, make sure that your prices are consistent with the results they can expect.

James Home Services franchisees:

  • Offer a 7-day guarantee on all your work
  • Have insurance
  • Have undergone a police check and will take care with their belongings
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Work efficiently and are passionate about what they do.

James Home Services

This is just ONE example of advice franchisees can expect to receive in the internal newsletter. Our tips differ from newsletter to newsletter. For more information on the James franchise, including James mowing, James grooming and the different James cleaning franchise options, call 1800 152 637 or click here.

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