Storm proof your home exterior this storm season

Storm proof your home exterior this storm season.

With the great Australian summer come great Australian summer storms. As we unfortunately know too well, summer storms can wreak absolute havoc on your home and community. There are a number of things you can do to prepare and storm proof your home exterior to be storm ready this summer. Follow this simple checklist to ensure you are best preparing the exterior of your house heading into storm season.

James’ tips to Storm Proof your home exterior


  • Check your roof – ensure it is in good condition and free of any missing or damaged tiles.
  • Check your gutters – ensure gutters are free from leaves and your drainpipes are clear to prevent overflow.
  • Check for trees – look in close vicinity of your home and remove any tree limbs that are edging too close to your home as these can easily snap off in a severe storm. If any trees are nearing powerlines, call in the professionals.
  • Check for loose items – secure any loose items around the external of your house such as chairs, tables, trampolines, kids play equipment, dog kennels and the like as these can become flying missiles in fierce winds.
  • Check for any major external work you have yet to complete and try to finish off before storm season hits.
  • If there is anything structural that has been concerning you about your house, get it checked out before storm season is upon you to ensure the structural stability of your home.

Visit our Exterior House Care, Lawn and Garden Care or contact the James Home Services team to Storm Proof your home exterior and garden and get it storm ready.

Summer storms can wreak absolute havoc on your home and your community!

Don’t forget to storm proof your home exterior – before the summer storms hit! Book a garden tidy up with out Lawn and Garden Care or get your gutters cleaned by our exterior house care team!

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