Take Charge of Your Business & Lifestyle Aspirations

Take Charge of Your Business & Lifestyle Aspirations

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut at work, wishing you could be your own boss and manage your own time to suit the lifestyle you want to lead? For too many people this will remain a dream but not for James’ Home Services Franchisees! That aspiration can become a reality for you, when you shift your focus to owning and building your own James’ Home Services franchise.

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Meet Sagar and Amruta. This lovely couple have been franchisees with James Home Services for 7 years — and they couldn’t be happier. Their journey with us started all because Sagar was spending so much time on the job working for someone else that there was no time left to enjoy the family life he was working so hard for!

With one big move, the two shifted their priorities and invested in their very own James’ Home Services franchise, James’ Interior House Care Annerley. Since, they have been able to maximise their spare time and take holidays with their young family.

With a current tenure of three constant employees, Sagar and Amruta have plans to expand their business to 10 employees in the near future, enabling them to sit back and focus on the administration and marketing of their franchise and giving them even more lifestyle adaptability!

No Experience Required

At James’ Home Services we try to make it easy as possible for our franchisees by providing all the training and guidance you need in order to build your business from the ground up. With continuous support from our senior staff and a social support network across franchisees, you can rely on James’ Home Services to provide all the information and advice you need.

Three Key Pillars

There are three key pillars behind the James’ Home Services formula that are important to the success of your business.

Our SYSTEM is tried and true. Simple to use and clear to understand.

The SUPPORT we give to our franchisees is unparalleled. We are there for you at all stages of building your business and encourage all of our franchisees to work together, support and learn from one another to make the daunting task of owning and running your own business much easier to handle.

Finally, our MARKETING strategies help our trusted brand stand out against other home service providers. You will receive training and advice from your franchisor all the way through your time with us.

Interactive Culture Provides Flexibility and Potential for Growth

We try to inspire an interactive community of franchisees by maintaining an online forum for everyone involved in the business. This is a place where franchisees can give advice and support to one another in a convenient messaging capacity. We also conduct monthly meetings to encourage interaction and mutual support across franchises. The relationships formed across this platform enable you to make your business even more flexible.

As an example, Sagar and Amruta built up a trusting business friendship with another franchisee in order to leave them to run the business when they went for a holiday. You can also use this network to pair up with other franchisees; offering different services to cross-promote your businesses and expand your client base.

James’ Home Services Franchises For Sale

The James’ Home Services franchise offering:

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