How To Remove Red Wine Carpet Stains

The Red Wine Hazard –  How To Avoid Stains.

Red wine stains. We’ve all had them. Hands up those who have successfully removed all traces of a good time out of their carpets? There are many home remedies out there to tackle this job, but we’ve got the tried and tested (bookmark it for future reference) solution.

Removing Red Wine Spills & Splatters

The key to red wine removal is acting quickly. Don’t decide to leave it until tomorrow as tempting as this may be. Get moving quickly to ensure the best outcome for your carpet or furniture.

  1. Silently curse the perpetrator of the red wine spill
  2. Grab an old cloth or sponge and softly (don’t go rubbing) blot as much of the red wine stain up as you can. The more you can soak up, the less that will remain in the carpet or on your furniture. (This seems obvious – but when you think you have blotted enough, just blot a little more).
  3. Next you’re going to dilute what is left of the red wine stain. Pour some cold water or soda water directly on top of the stain. Gently agitate the liquid so it mixes in well. Dab with a new section of cloth or a sponge. Keep on blotting until no more wine seems to be coming out.
  4. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

For those stubborn stains, call your local James’ Home Services team for a professional carpet clean to leave them looking and feeling like new. Thanks for the great tip Rick from James’ Carpet Cleaner & Pest Control Gympie!

Need assistance with a stain? Call 1800 152 637 – Thats 1800 1JAMES today for an obligation free quote.

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