5 Chores That I Hate The Most

What are your top 5 least favourite things to clean?

Cleaning just in general can be painful. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside but that inch thick layer of dust you can see from your armchair is screaming at you like a hungry baby. Some things we can clean daily and just take it in our stride. There are others however that we put off until we just can’t procrastinate any further. So we’ve compiled the top 5 darn right painful things to clean in your home. Do any of these make your list?

  1. Ceiling fans

We’re not sure how, but the dust that accumulates on the top of fans is on another level. It’s thick, sticky and almost grimy – must be from all that spinning around.

  1. Door and window tracks

Getting into these tiny little crevices is enough to send a cleaning nut over the edge. Hot tip – start from the outside and move in – brush/wipe the dust into the middle of the track and vacuum from there. Never go from the inside out – always the outside in! So simple.

  1. Venetian blinds

They make your windows look a million bucks – but they make you work for it. Lucky there are some nifty little devices out there made just for cleaning venetians, but they still make you scream ‘why oh why did we install venetians?!’

  1. Behind anything

Anything that has room behind it is just tricky! Behind your bed, the toilet, appliances… they are made for filling up with dust and grime. And these spaces delight in the fact that because you cannot readily see there, it can manifest to its heart’s content.

  1. Skirting boards

Maybe it’s the fact that there are so many of them in your home, or the fact that you have to get way down there to get them spick and speck but skirting board round up our top 5. It’s one of those jobs that when done you shout a ‘hoorah – don’t have to do that for another 6 months!’ (or so…)

Do these top 5 painful cleans make your list?

Our James Home Services Team live for this stuff, so give us a bell to make your top 5 painful cleans a breeze or visit our Interior Home Services to book your obligation free quote.

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