Turn Your Love of Gardening into a Profitable Business

If you find yourself always falling back to your passion of gardening, and find yourself wondering how to turn it into a business, we have the answers for you.

If you want to spend all day, every day, doing things you love, take the opportunity to start your own franchise with the help of trained professionals.

By investing in a James’ franchise, you will be trained by the James’ teams, and walked through best practice to deliver the James’ Gold Medal Service Guarantee. You will be given the knowledge, tools and supplies you need to succeed and do what you love every single day.

You will have a head start amongst others who are starting a business from scratch, and given the tools to succeed in the industry.

At James’, we want you to succeed, and we’ll help get your business off the ground with marketing and support when you need it. At James’ we don’t only support you with lawn and garden care training and support, but provide customer service training, bookkeeping and administrative knowledge so that you do not feel overwhelmed with your new work path.

Some tips that may be helpful when you begin your James’ Lawn and Garden journey:

  • The pH level of grass will dictate the health of the grass. The optimal level of pH for grass is 6 to 7.2. To adjust the levels of Ph in grass, there are a few tips to take. For instance, iron can be added to the soil to lower the Ph level, and limes can be added to increase the levels.
  • If you were to plant a tree, get the estimated measurements of what it would be fully grown. This will allow you to plant it in an appropriate space so that it doesn’t cause issues in the future.
  • Grass that is covered by shade does not need the same amount of fertiliser and water than areas in the sun.
  • When turning to mulch, avoid using rocks. Rocks absorb heat and reflect this, causing harm to shallow roots of shrubbery, and in turn destroys them. Using shredded mulch in place of rocks helps to lock in moisture, and keep the area cool.

Why Join James’ Home Services?

The advantage of being under the James’ franchise is that the brand has already established a customer base, who have a clear understanding of your business and what you provide. This is one of the many benefits of opening a franchise, as the major marketing has already been done (you are already known). Now, it’s simply a matter of growing that base further and creating new customers.

A perk that can also be seen with James’ franchises is that you are in charge, and no longer have to work ‘underneath’ someone. Of course, there are a set of overriding agreements and values that the company as a whole aligns to, but you are in charge of your given franchise.

Being your own boss and owning a business that is successful and established is something that everyone wants to achieve. If you are interested in starting your own business today in lawn care and gardening, James’ Home Services can help you.

Talk to us today about your options, and start a career that supports your passions and family for the rest of your life. Call James’, you’ll be glad you did! Call 1800 1JAMES today.

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