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What is a franchise?

Ask Google and you’ll get an array of definitions of what a franchise is. You’ll be thrown words like ‘authorisation’, ‘business model’, ‘licence’, ‘rights’, ‘agent’.

But our definition is a simple one… so let’s break it down:

A franchise is a ready-to-go business that you can buy, where you benefit from being part of a broader network by utilising their experience, systems and processes and brand.

Ready-to-go business:

When you buy a franchise business, you buy the rights to operate a business under that brand and inline with their systems and processes. How the businesses in the network operate is standardised across all businesses, so when you buy into an established network, you can rest assured that they have set up potentially hundreds of businesses like the one you are buying. You get training, equipment, support, marketing, uniforms all provided; your business really is ready to go, and all it needs is an operator – you, and customers – which we train you in how to attract!


James Home Services has been in business for almost 30 years. That’s 30 years of learning and refining the best way to run a James business. When you start a business with James, we pass all our 30 years of experience and learnings to you through training in all aspects of how to run your business. It’s very literally like having your own business coach every step of the way, who is specifically experienced in operating the business you have purchased.  

Systems & Processes:

When you buy a franchise, you must operate the business in line with the existing systems and processes. It is these processes that have been proven over years to build successful businesses just like yours, and that we will train you in. Not sure about Workplace Health & Safety – we have systems and processes to help you manage it. Not sure about Employing staff? We have systems and processes to help you manage that. Not sure about business management software, quoting, marketing, invoicing, terms and conditions or managing tricky clients? Yup, you guessed it, we’ve got systems and processes to help you navigate all of this!


Imagine starting your own independent business from scratch; your responsible for designing your branding, marketing it, advertising, building brand awareness, websites, brochures, business cards – the list is endless. And even if you are doing all of this, is can take years and years to build brand awareness. When you buy a franchise, you buy the rights to use the brand. Your business receives instant brand recognition by customers who might already have come across national marketing, or used another of our service providers. You really can’t put a price on the value of being associated with a professional, long standing and well know Australian brand.

So there you are – in a nutshell a franchise is a ready-to-go-business where you benefit from our experience, systems and process and brand. Try finding a simpler and more practical explanation than that!

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