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What Makes Working With NDIS Clients SO Rewarding?

Recently we spoke with Colin and Deborah about NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and how they are impacting the lives of people effected by disability.

“Working with NDIS clients has added a new dimension to our business. We’ve always striven to provide good customer service, but with these clients there seems to be more to it. Not only are we looking after their lawns and gardens, but we can also have a positive impact on their general wellbeing.”

As a franchisee of a James Home Services business, we are entering a client’s home or personal space in some form or another on a daily basis, making that extra touch of kindness and understanding all the more important and memorable for the client. Even more so when your client is permanently disabled and is home most of the day.

Deborah mentioned, “Often our visits take a little longer, sometimes it’s not just a lawn needing mowing, but also someone to talk to, to offload with, to bring in the washing or help find the cat. Because there’s at least two of us at every job, one of us can stop to chat, while the others get the job done…in some cases it means keeping the client out of harms way because they like to get involved!”

The NDIS is being rolled out Australia wide with approximately 460,000 participants (approved people with a disability) in 2019. The NDIS is separate to The Disability Support Pension (DSP).

What is the NDIS and how is it associated to James Home Services?

The NDIS is a scheme that offers a range of supports and services for people with permanent and significant disability, which may include:

  • Transport,
  • Help at work,
  • Therapeutic supports,
  • Household jobs,
  • Aids or equipment,
  • Home modifications,
  • Mobility equipment and vehicle modifications.

Our feedback from Colin and Deborah was very positive, it’s also an exciting opportunity to interact with your community and be involved in these positive transformations.

Colin added, “it’s very rewarding to bring a smile to the face of a person facing daily pain and difficulties, and to know that they won’t have to worry or stress about their lawns being mowed or their gardens tended, because we can take care of that for them. Our NDIS client base is growing, and once you get to grips with the system, it is mostly pretty straightforward.”

Colin & Deborah, James Lawn & Garden Care Springfield Lakes.

To see Colin & Deborah’s James Lawn and Garden Care Facebook page please click here.

Thank you Colin and Deborah for your contribution. Community participation and involvement can make a great impact in the lives of people with disabilities and their carers.

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