4 Things You Should Know About Being The Boss

If you’re slugging it out at a 9 to 5, making money for someone else and finding you’re just not getting the fulfillment you want from your work, it could be time to look for a career path that doesn’t start with a job ad.

Starting your own business can kick off an entirely new, more satisfying chapter in your life, giving you benefits you’d never get working for someone else. Discover how joining an existing franchise differs from being an employee.

You set your own hours

Starting your own James’ franchise gives you the opportunity to write your own business story. When do you want to work? How long? What services do you want to offer? When you work for yourself, you decide.

You will face challenges

Nothing challenges you like starting your own business. Gain ample opportunities to improve yourself. Find out how good you really are, then do better. If you’ve been honing your skills in a field as an employee, here’s your chance to apply those abilities in the way you want.

Are you more productive outdoors? Have a eye for detail? Even with no experience in the home service industry, starting your own business will help you identify strengths and weaknesses and the James’ network will support you throughout your journey.

Your work will be something to be proud of

If you’re not someone who regularly works with their hands, you might not have experienced the pure joy of having built something by yourself.  Building a business and seeing it succeed fills entrepreneurs with the same sense of satisfaction that a cabinet-maker does when they create a beautiful piece of furniture.

You can gain a story to pass on and a legacy to leave behind

Owning your own business always gives you something to talk about, and people will ask. If you tell people you’re a small business-owner, they’re certain to have questions about what you do, how you’re going, and what your industry is like.

You’ll also have something to hand to the next generation. Being an employee isn’t a hereditary position. Building a business gives you something to offer your children should they chose to follow in your footsteps.

So why chose a James’ Home Services franchise?

A great point about investing in a James’ Home Services franchise is that you don’t have to stand alone. With over 24 years of experience and brand exposure, James’ Home Services franchises are supported by excellent lead capturing and reporting systems, local training programs, business coaching, ongoing marketing, a strong reputation and an entire network of industry professionals available for advice.

For more information, call James’ on 1800 152 637 (1800 1JAMES) or complete the contact form available on this page – you’ll be glad you did!24 years of industry experience James' Home Services

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